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Dinosaur Activities For Kids

PreK - 2nd Grade Textbooks

AB Dinosaurs

AB Dinosaurs bookAB Dinosaurs

Our dinosaur activities for kids textbook includes 15 activities that relate to dinosaurs, fossils, tracks and traces left behind by plants and animals that lived long ago. The activity book is designed for early elementary students students in PreK - 2nd grade.

Students of all ages will enjoy reading and doing the activities in this activity book because kids of all ages love activities related to dinosaurs. Creating a dinosaur placemat, a cookie dig to find fossils, naming and then creating designer dinosaurs are just some of the activities included in our Dinosaur activity book for kids.

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AB Dinosaurs Activity Book

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AB - Dinosaurs Activity Book

Dinosaur activities for kids

Our Dinosaur activity book contains 15 mini-lessons and activities. Each lesson is very short and is followed by an activity related to dinosaurs and/or fossils. We believe that students who do lots of science activities while learning basic science concepts continue to enjoy science as they grow older.

The materials for each of the activities in this book are usually found around the home, in a classroom or at a local store. The author’s goal was to create an activity book about dinosaurs that contains activities that are easy to do with a minimum of materials.

Science activities for kids

Have you ever wondered how scientists determine whether a dinosaur walked upright on two legs or on all four? In one of the activities in our Dinosaur book students create a dinosaur out of clay. Next, they determine whether their dinosaur would have walked upright on two legs or on all four legs. Other dinosaur activities for kids includes creating a dinosaur game. They use their imagination to determine what their game board looks like, how to play the game and the game pieces they want to use.

Science activities for preschoolers

All the activities in our Dinosaur book are appropriate for preschoolers through 2nd grade. The author designed the book for this age level and has used it with her own grandchildren. The book contains a mini-lesson that can be used by the teacher. It is short and takes only a few minutes before kids start on their activity. Each of the dinosaur activities for kids in the early elementary grades contains clear instructions and a picture to show how to do the activity.

Fossil activities

Scientists that study dinosaurs work with bones, tracks and traces left by dinosaurs in prehistoric times. The bones of dinosaurs generally are very large. Some recently discovered dinosaurs are about the size of a rabbit and they have hooked beaks. Students will enjoy doing a cookie dig for fossils, creating dinosaur tracks and putting together a dinosaur puzzle.

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