Earth Science Lesson Plans

6th - 12th Grade Students

The Earth science lesson plans are designed for students in middle school and high school. Each Level 2 unit contains 16 lessons, quizzes and hands-on activities. 

The Earth science lesson plans are designed to take 6 weeks to complete. Three units can be completed for a semester of Earth Science credit. All six units can be used for a full year of Earth Science credit.

Garnet ledges near Wrangell, Alaska

Mining garnets near Wrangell, Alaska

Earth Science Textbooks for 6th to 12th graders

Our Earth Science, Volcanoes and Rock Cycle are available as basic kits with a textbooks (printed or digital) and a set of rocks. Our complete kit contains a textbook, set or rocks and the video lessons on a DVD. 

The DVD contains video lessons taught by the author that contains an introduction to each lesson plus additional information not contained in the textbook. 

The Oceans, Earthquakes and Space textbooks are individual units of study that do not have sets of rocks. Each textbook can be purchased alone or as a package that contains the DVD.

Click on the book cover link or the link below each picture for more information about our books and how to order them. 

L2 Rock Cycle Kit

L2 Volcanoes Kit

L2 Earthquakes

L2 Earth Science Kit

L2 The Oceans

L2 Space

More Level 2 Textbook Links

L2 The Rock Cycle textbook includes lessons on igneous rocks, sedimentary rocks and metamorphic rocks.

L2 Facts about volcanoes in our Volcanoes textbook includes Mount Saint Helens, Ring of Fire, submarine volcanoes and pyroclastic flows.

L2 Earthquake lesson plans contains information on great earthquakes, tsunamis, the 1964 Alaskan Earthquake and the San Andreas Fault.

L2 Earth Science textbook covers the interior of the Earth to the outer limits of the atmosphere.

L2 Ocean lesson plans include information on Fantastic Fish, Deep Sea Vents, Coral Reefs, and Tide Pools

L2 Study of space includes lesson on our solar system, terrestrial planets, galaxies and the sun.

L2 Earth Science Textbooks-Course 1 is an advanced Earth Science course that includes information on the rock cycle, volcanoes and earthquakesOur advanced Earth Science courses contain 16 lessons, quizzes and activities in each textbook.

L2 Earth Space Science Course 2 is an advanced Earth Science, Space and the Oceans course for 6th - 12th grade students. Our advanced Earth Science courses contain 16 lessons, quizzes and activities in each textbook.

L2 Earth Science lesson plans offer six different textbooks on volcanoes, earthquakes, the rock cycle, space and the oceans for students interested in Earth Science.

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