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Earth Science lesson plans

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The Earth science lesson plans in each of the Level 2 textbooks are designed for students in middle school and high school. Each textbook contains sixteen written lessons, quizzes and science activities. 

Each textbook is designed to take six weeks to complete. Three textbooks should be completed for a semester of Earth Science credit. All six textbooks should be completed for a year of Earth Science credit.

Rock Cycle Facts

Our Level 2 Rock Cycle textbook includes Earth Science lesson plans on igneous rocks, sedimentary rocks and metamorphic rocks. These three groups of rocks are found worldwide and form the rock cycle. Students learn how igneous rocks form in subduction zones when an oceanic plate melts. They also learn how sedimentary rocks that cover 75% of the Earth’s surface form. These rocks are the result of older rocks breaking apart or dissolving. Plant and animal life can also create sedimentary rocks. Metamorphic rock form when two crustal plates collide and the rocks between the plates recrystallize without melting to form new rocks.

Facts about volcanoes

Volcanoes are mountains of fire that are some of the most fascinating land features on our planet. Our Level 2 Volcanoes textbook includes sixteen lessons on the major types of volcanoes, types of eruptions, rocks produced by different types of volcanoes, calderas, the 1980 Mount Saint Helens eruption and much more. Each of the lessons include an activity/experiment that is related to the lesson and increases a student’s understanding of the topic. Some of the activities including building their own volcano, making a flip book on an eruption, and creating a frothy eruption.

Earthquake facts

Earthquakes are vibrations inside the Earth that follow the release of energy that has built up inside the rocks. Today there are three scales used by seismologists: magnitude scale, intensity scale and the moment magnitude scale. Ninety percent of the earthquakes on Earth occur at plate boundaries. Students learn about plate tectonics, the four different types of seismic waves that are produced by large earthquakes and much more in our Level 2 Earthquake textbook. Each of the lessons are designed to teach students about a different topic on earthquakes so that where they finish the textbook they will understand about why the Earth is known as a restless planet.

Earth Science Lesson Plans

The study of Earth Science includes the study of our Earth all the way to outer reaches of space.  Because the subject covered is so vast we have created six textbooks on the subject. Our Level 2 Earth Science textbook  includes two lessons about the rock cycle, volcanoes, earthquakes, and the oceans. The textbook also includes information on the interior of the Earth, plate tectonics, and the atmosphere that surrounds Earth.

Study of space

People have been looking up into the heavens since early times. In this fascinating Level 2 Space textbook students will be learning about our Solar System and the various celestial bodies that are held together by the gravity of the Sun. They also will learn about space travel, space probes, the life cycle of stars and galaxies. Students will have fun creating their own solar oven, making a galactic mobile and designing a space station.

Study of Oceanography

The oceans cover 71 % of the Earth and contain 97.5 % of the water on the planet. Our Level 2 The Oceans book includes Earth science lesson plans  on the physical structure of the oceans from the continental shelves to the deep ocean trenches. Students learn about the various animals that live in different parts of the ocean include tide pools, coral reefs and the open ocean. Lessons also include recently discovered colonies of animals living on the floor of the oceans around black smokers that do not use sunlight to live. Examples of activities in the textbook include moving plates, egg carton reefs, making a game about a tide pool and charting currents.

More Level 2 Textbook Links

L2 Rock Cycle — The Rock Cycle textbook includes lessons on igneous rocks, sedimentary rocks and metamorphic rocks. A set of rocks used in the identification of these rocks is included with the basic and complete kits.

L2 Volcanoes — The Volcanoes textbook includes information about volcanoes found worldwide. There are 12 lessons about the Pacific Ring of Fire Volcanoes, submarine volcanoes and notorious volcanoes in this Earth Science book.

L2 Earthquakes — Lessons in this advanced earthquakes textbook include information on great earthquakes of the past, what triggers tsunamis, the 1964 Alaskan Earthquake and the San Andreas Fault.

L2 Course 1  is an advanced Earth Science course that includes information on the rock cycle, volcanoes and earthquakes. Our advanced Earth Science courses contain 16 lessons, quizzes and activities in each textbook for middle school and high school students.

L2 Earth Science — This Earth Science textbook contains lessons about our planet from the interior of the Earth to the outer limits of the atmosphere.

L2 Space — This fun and interesting book on space includes 12 lessons, quizzes and science activities. Lessons include Our Solar System, Early Astronomers, Life Cycle of Stars and Space Rovers.

L2 The Oceans — Our textbook book about the oceans includes information on Fantastic Fish, Deep Sea Vents, Coral Reefs and Tide Pools. Each book includes 3-4 pages of facts about the oceans, quiz, and kids science activities.

L2 Course 2 is an advanced Earth Science course for 6th -12th grade students. Earth Science books in this course include Space, The Oceans and Earth Science. All of our advanced Earth Science books contain 16 lessons, quizzes and science activities.

Level 2 Earth Science Lesson Plans includes six science textbooks. All the advanced science textbooks contain 16 lessons, quizzes and science activities. The textbooks are designed for students in middle school and high school.

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