Earthquake Lesson Plans

Level 2      6th - 12th Grade Students

Our Level 2 earthquake lesson plans textbook covers information on earthquakes that occur on our planet everyday. The book is designed to be completed in six weeks by students who finish three lessons per week. Each lesson contains information, quiz and a hands-on activity.

Our DVD that comes with our complete kit contains video lessons taught by the author. The author introduces each lesson and gives additional background information on the topic of the lesson. The additional information is not covered in the textbook.

Our earthquake lesson plans contains hands-on activities. The activities are designed to be fun and usually simple to do. They also increase students understanding of the information taught in the lesson.

Lessons Include:

  • Seismic Waves
  • Faults
  • Seismographs
  • Mercalli Scale
  • Richter Scale
  • San Andreas Fault
  • Alaskan Quakes

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Fascinating facts about earthquakes

Most great earthquakes occur around the Pacific Ring of Fire in subduction zones. The last great earthquake that occurred in the Pacific Northwest occurred at 9 pm on January 26, 1700. The great earthquake ruptured along a 1000 km fault line from Vancouver Island to northern California. It was equivalent to the Sumatra earthquake on December 26, 2004.

Oral traditions by the native Americans living along the coast tell what happened that day. The shaking was so severe people could not stand and became sick from the shaking. 

Tsunami waves destroyed villages along the 1000 mile fault line. The waves swept across the Pacific Ocean to Japan. Japanese villages were damaged by the tsunamis. The precise records kept by the Japanese allowed scientists pinpoint the day and time of this great earthquake.

Pressure is again building in the Cascadia Subduction Zone as the North American Plate and the Juan de Fuca plate converge. Scientists know there will be another great megathrust earthquake along the fault in the future. 

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