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Elementary Science Curriculum

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Bear Watching Wrangell, AlaskaBear Watching Wrangell, Alaska

Elementary Science Curriculum

Our Level 1 Elementary Science Curriculum consists of nine textbooks and a field guide. All of our Level 1 textbook are designed for students in the upper elementary grades. The textbooks contain 12 lessons with 2 to 3 pages of written text, a short quiz and an elementary science activity. Students that complete three lessons each week will complete each of our textbooks in a month.

The textbooks are fully illustrated with colorful pictures that are designed to appeal to students. Our elementary science curriculum also includes quizzes in the lesson that reinforce the main points of each lesson.

The kids science activities have all been "kid tested" and are designed to reinforce the information students read in their textbook also.

Level 1 Volcanoes textbook

Our Level 1 Volcanoes textbook teaches students about four different types of volcanoes that are found worldwide. They also learn about submarine volcanoes that have formed the largest mountain chain on Earth. The textbook includes lessons on Four Types of Eruptions, Pyroclastic Flows, Volcanic Rocks, Craters and Calderas, Plate Tectonics, Pacific Ring of Fire, Mount Saint Helens and the Hawaiian Islands.

Kids science activities include Making a Volcano Booklet, Circle Eruptions, Pumice Eruption, Picture Graph, A Miniature Volcano and a Deep Sea Collage.

Level 1 Minerals

There are approximately four thousand named minerals. Only about twenty minerals are found in great abundance on Earth. Our Minerals textbook teaches students to identify minerals based on their properties. They learn how to eliminate minerals buy using specific keys to identify a mineral. These are some of the lessons included in our textbook: What is a Mineral, Keys to Elimination, Luster of Minerals, Streaking for Color and Special Properties of Minerals.

The kids science activities are designed to increase a student’s understanding of how keys to mineral identification are used.  This is a sample of the activities in our Minerals book: Looking for Luster, Checking for Hardness, Checking the Streak, and Special Properties.

L1 Earth Science

Earth Science combines information from geology, oceanography, meteorology, biology, chemistry and physics in the study of our planet. Our elementary science curriculum included in our Earth Science textbook includes these topics: Inside the Earth, Earth’s Tectonic Plates, Igneous Rocks, Oceans and Layers of the Atmosphere.

Examples of the kids science activities include: Earth Cookie, Spreading Ridges, Creating Caves, Building Crystals, Deep Sea Collage, Mapping Volcanoes and Testing for Calcite.

Level 1 Earthquakes

The Earth's crust is in constant motion. The crustal plates move around the Earth at about the speed our fingernails grow. Earthquakes are the result of tectonic plate movement. Most the great earthquakes occur around the Pacific Ring of Fire.

Our elementary science curriculum for our Level 1 Earthquakes textbook includes lessons on Earthquake Waves, Earth's Tectonic Plates, Mercalli Scale, Tsunami Waves and Great Quakes. These lessons are designed for students to understand how earthquakes large and small can happen anywhere on Earth. They also teach them how and why they occur.

The fun kids science activities include that accompany each lesson include Traveling Waves, Can you Hear That Wave, Richter Scale, Big Harbor Waves and Survival Kits.

L1 Igneous Rocks — Igneous rocks form during violent volcanic eruptions and are some of the most beautiful and deadliest natural events on Earth. All igneous rocks were once molten rock that formed during volcanic eruptions or cooled underground. Our elementary science curriculum about Igneous rocks textbook includes lessons on basalt, andesite, dacite and rhyolite. Each of these rocks are associated with specific types of volcanoes. They also learn to identify these rocks and where they form.

L1 Sedimentary Rocks — Sedimentary rocks make up about 5% of the rocks in the Earth's crust but they cover approximately 75% of the Earth's surface. Students learn how to identify these three major groups of sedimentary rocks. Lessons on clastic, organic and chemical sedimentary rocks are included in the textbook. Fun kids science activities included in the book are Making Sandstone, Testing for Calcite and Cave in a Cup.

L1 Metamorphic Rocks — Metamorphic Rocks change from igneous rocks, sedimentary rocks and metamorphic rocks into new metamorphic rocks without melting. Heat and pressure destabilize minerals in the old rocks causing them to recrystallize. Our elementary science curriculum in this textbook includes how plate tectonics creates new metamorphic rocks when tectonic plates move. Fun kids science activities in this textbook include Layered Bread, Gneiss Rocks and A Hot Time for Rocks.

L1 Rock Cycle — The rock cycle is the recycling of rocks from one group of rocks into another group of rocks through natural processes. Our Earth Science textbook includes 12 lessons on igneous, sedimentary and metamorphic rocks. Properties of Igneous Rocks, Pyroclastic Rocks, Chemical Rocks and Foliated Rocks are some of the lessons include in the book. Rock Cycle Game, Paperweights, Weighty Layers and 1,2,3 Pebbles are examples of the fun kids science activities in the book.

L1 Rock and Mineral ID Field Guide —The field guide is divided into four major sections that help students identify rocks found worldwide. The easy-to-use field guide contains basic information on common rocks, charts and pictures that are kid friendly.

L1  Course 1 is designed to each take one semester to complete. Course 1 includes these four books: Igneous Rocks, Sedimentary Rocks, Metamorphic Rocks and Field Guide. Level 1 Course 2 includes these four textbooks: Earth Science, Rock Cycle, Volcanoes and Earthquakes.

Both of these courses can be purchased with just the textbooks. We also offer the courses as packages. The course packages contain all four books and video lessons taught by Myrna Martin. The video lessons are designed to be viewed start of a lesson and take approximately 8 to 10 minutes. Additional information is covered in the videos that is not included in the textbooks.

Teacher’s Edition Textbooks

The teacher’s textbook is an exact copy of the student textbook. It includes the answers to the quizzes on each quiz page. A Teacher’s Notes page is located before each lesson with the following information

1. Lesson Content
2. Lesson Objectives
3. Activity information and materials needed
4. Vocabulary and definitions
5. Correlation with the National Science Standards

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Our Earth Science curriculum has been recommended by a number of authors including:

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Cambridge Who's Who named Myrna Martin their Science Textbook Publishing Professional of the Year. She is the author of all of our textbooks.  Read more about our family business.

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