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Kids Science Activities

PreK - 2nd Grade Books

Our kids science activities books were written for early elementary students in PreK - 2nd grade classes. Each book contains 15 mini-lessons and an activities related to the mini-lesson. All seven books are designed and formatted the same.The Science of Flight and Water Cycle books have an additional section called Science Behind the Activity. This section is designed for teachers and older students.

Mentos ExperimentMentos Experiment

Earth Science

Our Earth Science Activity Book contains 15 different activities related to Earth Science. Kids creating crystals out of gumdrops, recycling in a jug, testing magnetic cereal and tossing an inflatable globe are just some of the fun activities in this book.

AB Rock Cycle Activity BookAB Rock Cycle

Rock Cycle

There are three major families of rocks in the rock cycle. The kids science activities in this book are planned as an introduction to the rock cycle for early elementary students. Kids activities in this book include creating sandy rocks, making a pudding stone trivet, testing for calcite and creating rock are all included in this book.


Shield volcanoes, cinder cones, stratovolcanoes, and lava domes are all types of volcanoes that students learn about in this fun activity book. Students create four kinds of volcanoes, a volcanic island, and create pop bottle eruptions. All of these activities are found in this fun book on volcanoes.


Kids learn how Earth can shake rattle and roll in this fun book on earthquakes. They have mini-lessons on P waves and S waves produced by all earthquakes. Other activities include Pizza of the Earth, Rock Blocks, Moving Plates, Tin Can Seismograph, Shaky Ground and much more.


Dinosaurs are a fascinating subject for young students. Students learn how to name a dinosaur and then create one out of clay. Next, they test the balance of the dinosaur to learn whether the dinosaur walked upright or on all four legs. They also create dinosaur footprints in clay, make a dinosaur place mat and much more in this fun activities book.

Water Cycle

Water covers about 70% of the Earth and is essential for life on our planet. Kids learn about important properties of water in this fun activity book. Some of the activities included in this book are Ice Cube Pickup, Floating Clippies, Exploding Colors, What's the Volume, and Penny Drop.

Science of Flight

There are fun kids science activities for sunny days, rainy days or snowy winter days in this fun activity book on flight. Paper airplanes, loop airplanes, traveling balloons, and making a sunny day kite are some of the fun activities in this book. Kids will also learn to fly discs, polygons and gliders as part of the fun activities in this book.

AB Science of FlightAB Science of Flight

General information about our activity books

Kids science activities

Kids science activities in the early elementary grades should contain a very short lesson and lots of time for students to complete the activities. There are fifteen different activities in each of our activity books that are easy to do and fully illustrated with color pictures.

The activities in this section contain Earth Science activities that are appropriate for Preschool – 2nd grade students. Teachers that have multiple grades in their classroom will find the books in this section fun and easy to do for their students. Each activity contains a mini-lesson that should be incorporated with the activity.

Children’s science experiments

Children’s science experiments are fun and easy to do while students learn fun facts about science. Learn about growing salt crystals on a toothpick, testing the hardness of rocks making a sedimentary sandwich are all activities included in our Rock Cycle activity book that children learn through simple science experiments.

Our Volcano activity book includes an experiment where students drop popcorn onto a sheet of paper to discover how a cinder cone forms a steep sided volcano. PreK through high school students love this activity. They especially enjoy the activity because they can eat the popcorn after finishing the activity.

Purchasing our books

All of our books can be purchased as printed books, USB Flash Drive books, CD books and eBooks. Click on the links below to find out more about each of our activity books for early elementary students.

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Kids Science Activities Books

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