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Science Activities for Kids

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Science Activities for Kids - Course 1

Filed trip to cinder coneField trip to cinder cone

The science activities for kids in our Course 1 are designed for students in the early elementary grades. Many of the activities in the books are fun for students of all ages. Teachers that have multiple grades in their classroom will find the books in this section fun and easy to do for their students.

Each of the four activity books contain short lessons followed by a fun hands on science activity. The lessons are designed to take a short period of time to teach followed by lots of time for students to complete the activities. There are fifteen different activities in each of our four activity books. Each activity has a color picture that illustrates the activity.

Teacher purchasing this course may find they like to pick and choose from the various books when they plan their lessons. Each lesson stands alone and the lessons do not need to be completed in any order.

The materials for each of the activities in these books are usually found around the home or at a nearby store. The author's goal is to create fun activity books that are easy to do with a minimum of materials.

AB Earth Science

Our Earth Science book includes activities about the Earth. Activities include creating different crystals from candy and making a game. They also create sound waves with a paper cup telephone to show how sound waves travel through solids liquids and gases.

AB Rock Cycle

Children’s science experiments include making a cave in a cup, testing for calcite with eggshells and growing a crystal garden. Activities that are especially fun for young students include collecting salt on a stick, making their own rock trivet, and creating a sedimentary sandwich

AB Volcanoes

Kids of all ages love volcanoes and learning about them. They create four different types of volcanoes including a popcorn cinder cone. They also make frothy rock cookies while learning about pumice rocks that float on water. another fun activity is making a magma chamber with jello.

AB Earthquakes

Our Earthquakes science activities for kids book contains many exciting activities. These activities include using a rope and slinky to show the difference between P waves and S waves produced by all earthquakes. They also make a Tin Can Seismograph and create a Pizza of the Earth.

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