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  Space Earth Science

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Level 2 Course 2 - Space Earth Science

Level 2 Course 2

Our Space Earth Science course books were written for students in 6th - 12th grades. The course is designed to take a semester to complete. Each book contains sixteen lessons. Students that complete three lessons per week will complete all three books in 18 weeks.

Course 2 contains Space, Earth Science and The Oceans textbooks. Our Earth Science Course 2 package includes the three textbooks plus a set of video lessons for each textbook.

Each video lesson is approximately 10 to 15 minutes long. The video lessons are an introduction to the lesson that is taught by the Myrna Martin. The video lessons are designed to be watched prior to students reading the textbook.

L2 Space textbookL2 Space

Study of space

Our Space textbook contains sixteen lessons that cover a wide variety of topics about space. Students learn about the Hubble Space Telescopes, space exploration to Mars and space probes that have traveled to the outer limits of our solar system. Students also study about early astronomers, telescopes, the spectrum, Solar System and the planets. Student activities and projects include making an astrolabe, creating their own planet and making a galactic mobile of galaxies.

Study of Earth Science

Our Earth Science textbook includes information about the interior of the Earth including how earthquakes allowed scientists to determine the boundary between the crust and the mantle. Beno Gutenberg discovered the core of the Earth using earthquake waves also. He found S waves stopped at the liquid outer core. Inge Lehmann discovered the inner core. Topics in the textbook also include the three major families of rocks, volcanoes worldwide, seismic waves and much more.

L2 The Oceans textbookL2 The Oceans

Study of oceanography

Our Level 2 Oceanography textbook contains 16 lessons on the Oceans and ocean life. Students learn about the world’s oceans, the ocean, zones of life, tide pools, estuaries, coral reef and much more. Each lesson includes activity/project that is fun. These fun science projects include creating fish cards about fantastic fish found in the oceans, making a super large picture of a fish from a small picture, and creating a poster showing animal life in the different parts of the ocean.

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Level 2 Course 2 Textbooks

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Level 2 Course 2 Textbooks

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Teacher’s Editions Space Earth Science Course

The teacher’s textbooks are an exact copy of the student textbook. They include the answers to the quizzes on each quiz page. A Teacher’s Notes page is located before each lesson of every textbook with the following information.

1. Lesson Content
2. Lesson Objectives
3. Activity information and materials needed
4. Vocabulary and definitions
5. Correlation with the National Science Standards

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Our Earth Science curriculum has been recommended by a number of authors including:

  • More Charlotte Mason Education - A Home Schooling How-To Manual by Catherine Levison

All of our science materials have been used by homeschooling families throughout the United States since 1998.

Recommended by AFMS Junior Chair

Ring of Fire Science materials were recommended by Jim Brace-Thompson of the American Federation of Mineralogical Societies.  He found our materials contain a wealth of information for the junior members of the society. He wrote that our books are beautifully designed and illustrated with easy-to-follow instructions for kids.

Cambridge Who's Who named Myrna Martin their Science Textbook Publishing Professional of the Year. She is the author of all of our textbooks.  Read more about our family business.

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