Water Cycle Activity Book

Water Water Everywhere

Our water cycle activity book Water Water Everywhere is designed for students in all grades. Kids will learn how to float paper clips, create melodies with water, test the water pressure in a water tower and much more.

The materials used in this activity book are usually easy to find around the house or at a local store. Each water cycle activity in this book is related to the properties of water. Kids will have fun learning about the different properties of water.

Activities include:

  • Floating Clippies
  • Icebergs Ahead
  • Liquid Melodies
  • Water Tower
  • Great Ice Cube Race
  • Exploding Colors
  • Water Beads

Fascinating facts about water on our planet

Water is a universal solvent. This means that most of the rocks, minerals and other things on our planet are dissolved by water. Oil is an example of one of the few things that are not dissolved by water. That is why oil floats on the surface of the ocean after an oil spill.

The rocks produced by volcanoes are all dissolved by water. Water seeps into crack and crevices of rocks. When it freezes the water expands instead of contracting. As the water expands it creates small cracks in the rocks. Eventually pieces of the large rock breaks off and becomes small rocks and pebbles at the base of cliff. The small pieces of rock weather as they are dissolved into smaller and smaller pieces.

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